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Apple Cider Vinegar - 375ml

Apple Cider Vinegar - 375ml

HAMA Organics
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Apple Cider Vinegar - 375ml

100% pure apple juice naturally fermented without chemicals, additives, colours, flavourings or preservatives. It is rich and tasty and one of the best functional health foods available.

We make everything one hundred percent from scratch. Our fruit vinegar, for example, is not simply white wine vinegar that had some fruit soaking in it for a while, it is actually made directly from the fruit…it is true fruit essence!

We make our vinegars using slow, traditional small-batch methods from a wide
range of local fruits and herbs.

We grow some of the fruit ourselves including plums, black apples, pears, rosehips. What we can’t grow we try to source first from Salt Spring Island farmers (straw figs, currants, cherries, some grapes) and for things that we can’t find on our island we select the best that the rest of British Columbia has to offer (peaches, rasp wine grapes, blueberries). We are also very committed to organic agriculture and buy certified organic fruit whenever possible.

The first step is to ferment local fruit into beautiful wines (that we sadly never get to drink!). The wine goes into fermentation tanks where natural cultures
convert the alcohol to acetic acid.

This natural fermentation takes a long time. We often wait for up to
a year before the vinegar is ready to bottle. It’s tough to be
patient, but the small-batch approach ensures the
quality and uniqueness of our products.

Any of our vinegars can be used in place of wine or cider vinegar in all of your favourite recipes. They are an essential part of any salad dressing, marinade or a complement to steamed or roasted vegetables, any time you want to make your dishes stand out!

Try them mixed with olive oil to make a flavourful dip for bread or add to sparkling water to make a refreshing sour soda.

Apple cider vinegar

Natural Product of Canada

Packaged in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products.