Recipe Share: Vegan No Sugar Muffins

With all this extra time at home, we have been baking up a storm. We love these vegan muffins, they are a great basic recipe to add so many other tasty flavours to! 

vegan pineapple muffins no sugar

These ones we made are Pineapple, Organic Coconut, and Apple Muffins, with no sugar added! Instead of sugar, we use a ripe banana to sweeten the mix, and toss in a few chopped dates for a little extra sweetness. 

vegan muffin ingredients


They make the house smell divine while cooking, and they certainly don't last long once they're out of the oven! 

The trick to getting them to rise is a combination of things, but the quick 'buttermilk' made by mixing almond milk with apple cider vinegar certainly helps! 

open faced vegan muffin with organic coconut flakes

This recipe was adapted from a few different ones that we have tried since becoming vegan, and it seems to work the best! Give it a try and let us know how it went! We like to use a combination of organic flours, usually organic Whole Wheat flour, and organic Buckwheat flour

vegan muffin recipe card


Enjoy! We hope you are all staying safe and healthy these days. 

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